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Mosaic River Workshop, Creating Public Art Together

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Join artist Gabrielle Strong this summer in creating a lasting legacy in downtown Vernon! As part of RespectFEST 2017, Gabrielle has been commissioned by the City of Vernon and the Downtown Vernon Association to create a participatory public work of art commemorating Canada’s 150th birthday. A river made from mosaic tiles will wind down the new 30th Street corridor (across from the Greyhound Station).

photo marking the sidewark where art will be installed
Artist Gabrielle Strong (right) is joined by elected officials and representatives from the City of Vernon, The Government of Canada, the Social Planning Council, and the Downtown Vernon Association as they mark the spot where the public art will be installed later this year.

Through a series of workshops, the community is invited to help create the mosaic segments, that when assembled together, will create a river that spans an entire block!


All workshops will be held at the Vernon Community Arts Centre. Participants will be provided with all the materials and guided through the steps to create their very own piece of the puzzle. You can work individually, in pairs or even in groups! Classes are offered in 3-hour sessions. If you work fast or are in pairs, we suggest you sign-up for a 3-hour segment; however if you want to create a more intricate design, then we strongly recommend that you sign-up for a whole day: 2 x 3-hour back-to-back classes. Using the tiles provided, participants will have creative freedom to design their mosaic segment as they wish.

Leave your mark and be a part of Vernon’s history! Space is limited, so don’t wait to sign up!

*This project is free of charge and is open to all ages (children must be accompanied by an adult). 


Artist Gabrielle Strong

“For RespectFEST, I wanted to create a work of art that honours our local waterways in their natural state, before confederation and infrastructure. Our need for water is the common thread that connects us all. It is my intention that this mosaic river acts as a reminder of what was here before, and becomes the fabric we weave together in mutual respect as a symbol of our community and its commitment to the environment. Moving water is more powerful than a concrete sidewalk, causing even the gentlest of streams to eventually polish the rocks it flows over; therefore my hope is that this art work symbolizing the flow of water, will be powerful enough to inspire momentum in all of us to care more and join together to respect and protect our waterways.”

– Gabrielle Strong

This project has been funded in part by the Government of Canada, the Downtown Vernon Association and the City of Vernon. The artwork will be owned and maintained by the City of Vernon upon completion.

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