Respect In Action

Gather 35+ people representing 22 local community agencies and partner organizations into one room with a collective focus and the result is a highly successful RespectFest launch.

On January 25th, at the Coldstream Women’s Institute Hall , the group came together for the first time with the following objectives:

  • to have an introduction to the history of the Okanagan people that goes back millenniums in this region;
  • to raise awareness about the variety of cultures in our community;
  • to increase understanding about particular learning styles and how that impacts interactions with others;
  • to contribute to a common vision for RespectFest 2017;
  • to develop personalized guiding principles

Mollie Bono, who has a deep and personal understanding of the history of the Okanagan/Similkameen and other Interior Salish First Nations people, provided a historical view of the Okanagan people. From pre-contact to the present Mollie impressed upon the group how the traditions of language and naming, marriage, death, and celebrations were of utmost importance.

Further meetings will be held starting in February to further discuss the four aspects of RespectFest; Respect Imagined Here/Respect Grows Here/Respect Starts Here/Respect Lives here.


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