Way’, Bienvenue, Welcome…

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North Okanagan RespectFEST 2017 is a week long celebration of respect and diversity that will provide opportunities to learn about, and interact with, people from all different races, cultures, religions, and backgrounds.

RespectFEST 2017  is a celebration of respect and diversity in the North Okanagan.  Held from September 18-24, 2017 RespectFEST is being generously funded in part by the Government of Canada to mark the 150th Anniversary of Confederation in Canada.

A true community partnership, RespectFEST is spearheaded by the Social Planning Council of the North Okanagan, the Allan Brooks Nature Centre, and the Downtown Vernon Association.

RespectFEST 2017 is building on other local projects and initiatives that celebrate diversity and multiculturalism and provide opportunities to learn more about First Nation history that predates confederation; acknowledging a history that goes back millenniums.

Events including interpretive art and history walks, environmental and educational opportunities, and a one-day Multicultural Festival will take place over the course of a week and are expected to attract thousands of participants of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.  All events will follow the respect themes to:

  • Respect our land and environment;
  • Honour our indigenous history and roots;
  • Understand our multicultural history, and
  • Recognize the strength that diversity brings to our community and nation.

Everyone is welcome and invited to participate in interactive events, engage in the creative arts, and learn about the our community’s rich history.

Click here to discover how you can get involved or to learn more, please contact the RespectFEST 2017 Coordinator